Italian Studies BA (secondary major program)

Program Requirements

1. Students must complete the requirements for a primary major in another field.

2. The French and Italian Department requires a minimum of 15 major hours to be taken in residence at BYU for this degree program. These hours may also go toward BYU’s 30-hour residency requirement for graduation. This major requires 30.5-45.5* credit hours.

3. Complete the following prerequisites (or equivalent):

ITAL 101: First-Year Italian, Part 1. (4:5:2)

ITAL 102: First- Year Italian, Part 2. (4:5:2)

ITAL 201: Intermediate Italian 1. (4:5:1)

ITAL 202: Intermediate Italian 2. (3:3:1)

4. Complete the following core requirements:

ITAL 321: Advanced Grammar. (3:3:1)

ITAL 322: Advanced Composition. (3:3:0)

ITAL 326: Italian Phonetics and Pronunciation. (3:3:0)

ITAL 340: Introduction to Italian Literature. (3:3:0)

5. Complete 18 hours of upper-division (300-level and above) electives from the following:

BUS M 596R: Business Language. (3:3:0)

ITAL 317: (FREN-ITAL) French and Italian Cinema. (3:3:2)

ITAL 420: Italian Civilization from the Beginning to 1600. (3:3:0)

ITAL 421: Italian Civilization from 1600 to the Modern Era. (3:3:0)

ITAL 441: Italian Literature of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance. (3:3:0)

ITAL 442: Italian Literature of the Baroque and Enlightenment Periods. (3:3:0)

ITAL 443: Italian Literature of the Romantic Period. (3:3:0)

ITAL 444: Italian Literature of the Twentieth Century. (3:3:0)

ITAL 460: Dante’s Divine Comedy. (3:3:0)

ITAL 495R: Senior Seminar in Italian. (3:3:0) 


Up to 12 credit hours from related departments may be counted upon departmental approval.

6. Complete the following and have an oral proficiency interview (OPI) during the senior year. The rating will be recorded on the student’s transcript. The desired minimum ACTFL Proficiency scale is Intermediate-High.

ITAL 491: Senior Oral Proficiency Evaluation and Senior Portfolio. (5:0:0)

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.