Italian Challenge Exam

Dates and deadlines will be announced by your instructor.

PART I – 4 credit hours of Italian 101

PART II – 4 credit hours of Italian 102

PART III – 4 credit hours of Italian 201

This examination can be taken by non-native, full-time BYU students who are enrolled in or have previously completed Italian 321. (SPECIAL NOTE:  ITALIAN 321 DOES NOT FULFILL THE GE FOREIGN LANGUAGE OPTION; ITALIAN 340 FULFILLS THIS OPTION.)

This examination is divided into three parts, and a student may take one, two, or all three parts, depending on the number of desired credits.  A separate grade is awarded for each part which tests ORAL COMPREHENSION, GRAMMAR, READING and WRITINGTHE EXAM CAN BE TAKEN ONLY ONCE.

ORAL COMPETENCE courses (Italian 211R and 311R) are NOT tested on the above dates.  Your Italian 321 instructor awards this credit through evaluation of class participation.

The procedure for taking the examination and obtaining credit is as follows:

1. Go to the following link to register for the challenge exam. Note: Your student account will be charged a $20 fee for the exam.

2. Go to or go to under “Exam Status” to see if you have been approved to take the challenge exam.

3. Go to to reserve a 3 hour block of time to take the exam in the Humanities Testing lab, B-153 JFSB

4. Go to the Humanities Testing Lab, B-153 JFSB, to take the exam. We suggest arriving at the lab a few minutes early. If you do not take the exam at the time you reserved, or if you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you will have to wait until the next time the exam is offered – which may not be until the next semester.

5. Check to see if your grades are available for you to accept on-line.  You may refuse any of the five grades you receive on the exam if you do not want them to appear on your transcript. Once you have accepted the grades on-line they will be posted to your transcript. You have one year to accept your grades.

6. Be aware that the grades do not show up as being part of your semester credits. They are added to the end of your transcript under a separate heading.

If you have any questions, contact the French and Italian Department at (801)-422-2209.