French Minor

Program Requirements

1. Complete the following prerequisites (or equivalent):

FREN 101: First-Year French, Part 1.

FREN 102: First-Year French, Part 1.

FREN 201: Intermediate French, Part 1.

FREN 202: Intermediate French, Part 2.

2. Complete the following core courses:

FREN 321: Advanced French, Part 1.

FREN 322: Advanced French, Part 2.

FREN 340: Introduction to Literary Analysis.

3. Complete two courses from the following:

FREN 361: French Civilization from the Beginning to 1715.

FREN 362: French Civilization from 1715 to the Present.

FREN 363: Contemporary France and the Francophone World

4. Complete one course from the following:

FREN 431: Introduction to French Linguistics.

FREN 432: History of French.

FREN 445: Advanced Francophone Culture.

FREN 452R: Studies in Period, Movement, and Theme.

FREN453R: Studies in Genre.

FREN 454R: Studies in Author.

FREN 455R: Studies in Literary Theory.

FREN 456R: Francophone Studies.

FREN 457R: Studies in French Culture.

FREN 490R: Mentored Research in French

MSB 596R: Business Language

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.